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Its our privilege that you accepted our Collaboration proposal. We opened up an another portal for you to explore and serve Wellness to your followers.

Ultimately, Generate Revenue by nurturing them. Let’s get Started. 

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Why you should join the influencer Program?

VMax is Equipped with Acclaimed Holistic Health and Wellness specialists and Fitness cum Nutrition Experts in our reputed team.

Nourished in the field of fitness for the past 10 years,
We permanently transformed people’s Health and Life journeys for better endeavors. Our Team constantly drives an incredible sense of fulfilment and commitment.

Our Ultimate goal is to fulfill our client’s fitness journey.
Join Hands with our expert Nutritionists, Clinical dietitians, and Fitness trainers.

Let the sunshine for Everyone (or)
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So How does our collab works?

Promote your Fitness Journey through the Program offered by us.

Get paid for shout outs/Clients Generated.

How you will get the benefit?

Explore new Audiences and build more followers

Be a Brand's Identity

Earn by promoting wellness to your followers

Create a passive source of Income

Mr. Vignesh Prabakaran

Holistic Wellness Coach
Founder & Director of VMax

Our Founder's Story

I am Vignesh Prabakaran Certified Holistic Life Coach (Health and Wellness specialist) and Fitness cum Nutrition Expert. I have been in the field of fitness for the past 10 years. I have permanently transformed many people’s Health and Life journey for the better. A Software Engineer turned Pilot, then a Businessman in Toronto, Canada, I am now a Social Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. An Active Sports enthusiast since a young age, I refused to blame my family genetics for My Pre Diabetic Condition and took responsibility for My own health. With perfectly designed training, unfollowing the Self-Health Abusive Lifestyle,I built a great metabolism and increased immunity personally, and overcame My Diabetes in no time. I am constantly driven by the incredible sense of fulfilment I feel when I help someone achieve their goals. John Holmes says “There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up” Stay Healthy Stay Fit

Meet Our Coaches

Dr. Namrata

Ph.D.- Food Science and Nutrition

Ms. Srinitika

CClient to Nutritionist Co-ordinator

Dt. Suha

M.Sc. Clinical Nutrition

Ms. Lakshmi Kala

PN Certified Nutritionist

Mr. Shibish

Certified By The National Council on

Strength & Fitness (NCSF)

Mr. Kannan

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

Mr. Prasanth

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

Mr. Dinesh

ACE Certified Fitness Trainer

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Frequently Asked Question

At home live workouts are training sessions that will happen in online at a given hour by the trainer. You need to check your health (basic) and network connection before joining the session.

Most of the classes feature bodyweight workouts which means you won’t need equipment or free weights.

Yes. Your Habit Coaches can reach out to you only through the official VMax. Transform channels, your number, and email are not directly available to them. Any personal information and images you share with your coach are completely confidential. 

Yes. You can contact your fitness trainer for any doubt clarification

Most of our workouts are no-equipment routines across fitness formats like strength, cardio, yoga, HRX and more. We recommend you wear comfortable shoes and keep a napkin and water bottle handy.

Our Expert Fitness Trainers will suggest you any one or a Combination of the below based on your goals and your Preferences

  • Yoga
  • BollyFit (Dance Fitness)
  • HIIT
  • Low Impact Mobility
  • Fusion fitness
  • Zumba
  • Functional Fitness
  • Slow Strengthening

We also have customized 1 on 1 Private Zoom sessions if you prefer.

Results of the program given by our Expert could vary from person to person depending upon his /her age, body- type, genetics, medical condition etc.  

Based on our 1600+ Client’s experience, Results are a combination of Two Important Factors:

1) Expert guidance from Best and Experienced Doctors &  Dieticians who need to understand your medical condition, body response & use their best of Profession experience & knowledge Assist you accordingly. 

2) Dedicated and Disciplined Clients who follow our Experts advice.

There is no bias towards non-veg or veg diets. We believe in an eating plan that will stay true to your likes and dislikes and hence is doable.

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