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The Best Holistic Healthcare Platform with Registered Dietitians, and Fitness Instructors Delivering Therapeutic Nutrition and Personalized Fitness Plan to help you achieve all of your Health Goals.

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Number of Client Transformations - with 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate & Google Reviews.

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Number of diverse Live Group Fitness Sessions per day, catering to various Time Zones, Workout Types, and Intensity Levels.

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Team of Full Time Professionals, assisting the Smooth Operations of Client Transformations everyday

A Holistic Wellness Ecosystem

Improve your health holistically, more consistently and experience change like never before.

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We provide you with a variety of customised, well-balanced meal plans that is free from all constraints and takes your body's demands.

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Health Condition Management

Our team assists you in managing and reversing ailments including obesity, diabetes, hypertension, thyroid, PCOS and many more. Your struggle with all of your health problems stops here.

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Whether you are a beginner or a PRO, our trainers are aware of your demands and will create a flexible LIVE training sessions for you.

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Unlimited Consultations

Avail unlimited consultations, 24/7 chat support, timely updates on your progress, and additional motivation.

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Skin & Hair care

Flawless skin and hair are a by-product of various nutrients. Our specialists will treat you proactively.

Customer Stories

Improve your health holistically, more consistently

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This has been a game changer physically, mentally, and emotionally. The result I found were amazing afterwards. To be frank Weight loss with VMax Fit and Team was Healthy and Fun Thanks to the VMax Fitness Team.

Mrs. Sruthi Deepak

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A health coach helps track progress, recommends program modifications and provides support 24*7.

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