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5 budget-friendly ways to lose weight

Weight loss seems expensive, right? You will have to give thousands of money to your trainer and dietitian, eat lots of supplements, fill your refrigerator with lots of healthy and exotic foods & most of all, starve yourself. Click here

But what if we tell you that you can lose weight without picking a hole in your pocket. Yes, that is true. It is crucial to understand which purchases you should make to start your weight loss journey.

In India, the prevalence of obesity is about 40.3 % and will keep rising if the condition remains the same. As not everyone has access to things that can make them fit, we have 5 ways in which you can efficiently lose weight and save up money too.

1.    Add in whole foods instead of supplements.

Whole foods are unprocessed, free from chemicals, and rich in nutrients. They will not just fill your stomach but also enrich your body with fiber, carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins, and minerals.

Eating whole foods will stop your cravings and overeating habits. Whereas supplements will only boost your nutrient intake and are a lot more expensive than whole foods.

That is why it is better to choose whole foods if you want to lose weight and not blow your budget up.

2. Do at-home workouts

With numerous free workout videos available online, you won’t have to spend lots of money on gym subscriptions; instead, you need a phone and a stable internet connection.

You can also enrol in any live workout classes and get guidance from an experienced trainer to efficiently lose some extra pounds.

Also, you need not worry if you do not have workout equipment; instead, use things available at home, such as water bottles, towels for stretching, rice sacks, and so on. You need not stack heavy weights and resistance bands to lose weight at home.

Move your body as much as possible and not be a couch potato if you want to lose weight.

3. Shop from the local market

Healthy foods are not expensive, you just need to buy them from the right place. Eating seasonal vegetables and fruits for weight loss is highly recommended so that you can eat enough fiber, which will keep you full for longer durations.

If you buy them from a local market, you will not just save up your money, but will also have numerous options of foods to choose from.

Follow these tips before you go grocery shopping;

1.     Buy vegetables and fruits for a week

2.     Purchase seasonal produce because they will be cheaper

3.     Follow your list

4.     Do not fall into the trap of good packaging

5.     Buy as per requirement

4. Eat homemade food

If you eat at restaurants more often, then you need to stop it because you are just wasting your money on food that will prevent you from reaching your weight loss goals.

Try to prepare meals at home in bulk for the day and store it or do the preparations beforehand so they will be easy to make.

You can also recreate a healthier version of your favorite food and enjoy your food without putting your weight loss goals at risk.

5. Choose healthy drinks

Keeping yourself hydrated can aid in weight loss by suppressing your appetite. Research suggests that 1-2 litres of water are enough to assist in weight loss.

 You can also have herbal tea, smoothies, fruit-infused water, and freshly prepared juice by replacing sugary drinks.

In conclusion, follow these practical ways, make smart choices, and you will know how easy it can be to lose weight within your budget. Just don’t fall into the trap of an easy and quick weight loss program because they don’t exist.

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