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7 Best Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

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Before jumping into the best yoga asana for flat tummy, let’s look at an overview of Yoga. Yoga is recognized by national institutes of health in Western countries as a kind of supplementary and alternative medicine. It is often regarded as a holistic approach to health management in Western countries.

Yoga is becoming more popular as a way of life for people who want to improve their health and emotional well-being. It has been extensively researched in domains such as mental health, wellbeing, and fitness.

Yoga has recently established a niche in weight-loss regimens. Yoga kriyas that have been demonstrated to be effective in fat loss have been collected by yoga specialists.

Some of the main focuses are fat loss, upper body toning, and core strengthening. Yoga asanas for flat tummy are a current rage amongst the weight loss community.

The national center for alternative and integrative health presented studies in 2013 and 2016 demonstrating the benefit of yoga-based weight loss programs in showing a steady weight loss mark in individuals through presenting their reviews.

This procedure increases the fat-burning effectiveness of Yoga asanas. In the VMax Wellness official website’s blogs section, we’ve explored a variety of yoga poses and techniques. We’ll talk about the 7 Best Yoga Asana for a Flat Stomach in this article.

We’ll provide you the details on these asanas, as well as how to practice them, so you can easily incorporate them into your training program. We’ll talk about Khumbhakasana, Naukasana, Eka pada adho mukha svanasana, and Vasisthasana.

Lets us start with the first one:-


Kumbhakasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

Kumbhakasana means inhaling, holding, and exhaling in Sanskrit. This plank stance is good for strengthening and balancing.

This yoga asana is traditionally done without breathing control as a gym activity for weight loss. Breathing assists in the oxygenation of body organs and the circulation of blood.

Due to its toning properties, we have included this asana in our list of 7 Best yoga asanas for flat tummy. Its two emphasis points are the abdomen and the arms. It substantially aids in the removal of extra fat from both of our bodies areas.

How to do it:

  • Lie down on your mat in a comfortable stance with your back to the ground.
  • Flatten your palms on the ground by facing them towards the earth.
  • While standing on your toes, steadily lift your body upwards while taking slow breaths. Hold your breath for a few seconds at a time.
  • Stand on your toes and palms to keep your body balanced.
  • Keep your arms close to your sides. Make sure they’re all in the same direction.
  • Exhale while softening your face muscles.


  • It builds up your energy levels.
  • Helps to strengthen your arms and core muscles.
  • Stretches spine length.

Difficulty level: This is the best yoga asana for flat tummy when performed with dedication and guidance, and it can be performed by people of all ages.


Naukasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

In Sanskrit Naukasana means, Nauka – Boat and Asana- Posture. This yoga pose is far-reaching in losing excess tummy fat. Even in women suffering from post-pregnancy weight gain where their area of alter is their stomach area where excess fat is present.

This fat is usually stagnant which requires a lot of external effort to lose it. With diet and exercise, yoga can be a great addition to a weight loss regime for fat loss.

This makes up second place in our list of the 7 best yoga asanas for weight loss due to its amazing results seen in various post-pregnancy women.

How to do it:

  • Lie down on your mat and keep both your hands and legs pressed together naturally.
  • Slowly outstretch your toes outwards and do the same with your fingers.
  • Now you can start taking slow breaths, Once you exhale the first breath slowly lift your legs and chest simultaneously at the same time in the upwards direction.
  • You will start feeling pressure in your core muscles and your thighs.
  • By this step make sure all of your entire body weight is on your buttock and it is the only point of contact with the ground.
  • Hold your breath a little longer while maintaining your position straight.
  • Now exhale slowly and start lowering your upper body along with your legs to the yoga mat back.


  • As we mentioned this is the best asana to reduce belly fat because of the tension it creates on your abdominal muscles.
  • Fat loss also helps in strengthening body parts such as legs, arms, and core muscles.
  • It helps stretch your spinal cord and neck muscles too.

Difficulty level: This Asana can be performed by beginners easily But people suffering from bone issues or have suffered any accidents should completely avoid performing this asana. Gynecologist advice is necessary for postpartum women before starting this asana.

Eka pada adho mukha svanasana

Eka pada adho mukha svanasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

Eka pada adho mukha svanasana also known as one-legged downward facing dog pose is an innovative form of traditional yoga kriya developed in America.

This is the perfect example of new-age yoga techniques which are developed from ancestral old ones. This comes in 3rd place in our list of 7 best yoga asanas for flat tummy.

How to do it:

  • Bend down on your yoga mat by putting your feet and hands on the ground. Keep a substantial amount of space between both hands and legs.
  • Align your neck between your hands in such a way that you are looking down towards your feet.
  • Straighten your hands and legs.
  • Start inhaling a soft breath while Slowly pull your right leg up towards the sky, The alignment of your body should not change. It should be according to the angle of your hands.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds before undoing your pose slowly.


  • It improves blood flow to your head. Helps in hair growth and regaining face glow.
  • Strengthens back posture and bones.
  • Focuses on the back thighs of your legs stretching them and also helps in fat loss in your thighs.

Difficulty levels: This can be performed by beginners only under supervision during the start to prevents muscle spasms. Avoid this asana if you are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a beneficial Yoga asana to reduce belly fat.


Vasisthasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

The Diagonal plank, or Vasisthasana. This stance necessitates a great deal of strength and stability. If someone is deficient in strength and stability, they can benefit from starting yoga because it also helps to increase these.

This pose works all of the muscles in the body, and there have been some recent adaptations to suit different target areas.

Vasistha, a sage, is credited with the name. His name translates to ‘Excellent.’ Vasisthasana is the position of the sage Vasistha. This takes up 4th place in our list of 7 Best yoga poses for flat tummy.

How to do it:

  • Stand in one spot on the yoga mat with ample space between your legs.
  • Bend down slowly while keeping your legs straight. Make sure your legs are not at an angle.
  • Place your hands on the ground and, while looking at your spread legs, bend your head between your hands.
  • Stretch your body slowly while putting your weight on your hands and feet. For 5 seconds, maintain the stance. This hold tightens the abdominal muscles, making it an excellent Yoga asana for reducing belly fat.
  • Twist your lower body slowly outwards on the left side while keeping both hands in the same spot.
  • Now take your left hand and place it on your body’s curvature.
  • Maintain a healthy level of wetness.


  • Your balance and concentration will improve as a result of this.
  • When your legs are extended to their greatest body angle, it strains your adductors and hamstrings.
  • It helps you lose belly fat by focusing on core strengthening and stretching your core muscles, making it the greatest yoga asana to lose tummy fat so start today!

Difficulty level: Except for persons with a herniated disc, carpal tunnel syndrome, pregnancy, or any other recent injury, this exercise can be practiced by people of all ages. The doctor’s advice is recommended before starting this yoga kriya.


Paschimottanasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

Paschimottanasana is a forward bend pose. This yoga pose, also known as seated forward bend yoga, focuses on the back muscles of the body. It stretches from the back of your neck to the hamstrings of your legs.

You may be wondering why this is included in our list of the 7 Best Yoga Poses for a flat tummy? So, to address your question, we’ll go over the mechanism.

Though this is primarily a back-stretching exercise, it also stretches your abdominal muscles. This strain aids in the reduction of abdominal fat.

How to do it:

  • Sit down and stretch your legs out in front of you, toes pointing upwards.
  • Stretch your hands and lean forward from your hips to touch your toes. To keep them in place, stretch some more.
  • Return to normal after 60-90 seconds in this position. This should be done ten times.
  • Paschimottanasana helps to relieve stress and digestive ailments by burning fat in the abdomen area.


  • This helps to open your hips while also extending and strengthening your back muscles in both your upper and lower body.
  • Including this yoga stance in your fitness routine on a regular basis can help you lose that extra belly fat.

Difficulty level: This is an all-rounder pose for everyone to perform which makes this on the 5th position in our list of 7 best yoga asana for flat tummy.

Parivrtta parsvakonasana

Parivrtta parsvakonasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

This yoga comes in the 6th position of our list of 7 best yoga asana for flat tummy. This is an advanced form of yoga asana.

How to do it:

  • Stand on your front with your legs separated by a sufficient amount of space. To avoid slipping, keep your feet firmly planted on the yoga mat.
  • While rotating your right thigh and feet outward, keep your hands on your sides. Your kneecap’s Center should line up with the center of your feet.
  • Bend your knees while keeping your palms in the Namaste posture and bending to the right while moving your upper body to match your right leg position. Slowly inhale and exhale. Hold this position for a few moments.
  • Return to tadasana and repeat the process on the opposite side.


  • Celebrities like Shilpa Shetty and Malaika Arora swear by this position for burning belly fat and overall weight loss as the finest yoga to reduce belly fat.
  • It massages your abdominal organs and aids in the reduction of belly fat.

Difficulty level: This can be performed if you are well versed with yoga kriyas and have been a regular yoga practitioner but otherwise the presence of an expert is advised for beginners as it has high chances of slipping if a person lacks body balance and stability.


Bitilasana - Yoga Asana For Flat Tummy

This comes up on the 7th position in our list of 7 Best Yoga asana for flat tummy.

How to do it :

  • Align your body in a table pose. Keep attention on your knees placement as it should be below your hips. Also keep your wrists, elbows and shoulder in a straight line.
  • Now start taking slow breath and hold it for few seconds while arching your back focusing on the belly downwards and your shoulders and face forward.
  • Exhale slowly. Keep repeating this cycle again starting from 5 – 10 times in a row.


  • This helps build mental and physical endurance.
  • Helps toning your belly and other parts of your body.

Difficulty level: This is one of the easiest yoga asanas to reduce belly fat and can be performed by all except anyone with carpal tunnel syndrome.

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