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Why is diet as Important as Fitness?

Why is Nutrition the Most Important Part of Fitness?

The food we eat plays a vital role in how we look and feel which is why diet as important as fitness. Regular exercise is important but according to research, nutrition has the largest impact on our Diet and Fitness. Using foods in our medicine has become a popular theme for health improvement.

The recent trend is to focus on healthy food intake as a primary fitness goal. When healthy eating habits become a lifestyle, we are healthier and happier. Eating right can help us reduce body fat, lose a few pounds, feel more confident, and reduce our risk of illness.

Food Is Our Medicine

Nutrient-dense foods, or “superfoods,” include lean proteins, healthy carbohydrates, and fats essential to our health.

Superfoods are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants relative to the number of calories that they contain.

Some superfoods contain compounds that increase our metabolism for more efficient fat burning. Red peppers contain a molecule called capsaicin known to enhance the rate we burn body fat.

What Are Fitness Foods?

The term “fitness food” is often used interchangeably with “superfoods”. Eating a diet rich in fitness foods is essential to our health. Incorporating healthy nutrition and knowing what that means is vital to achieving a lean and healthy body The following is a list of foods favored by fitness enthusiasts:

Oats (high in fiber, improves digestion/increases metabolism)

Eggs (protein source, muscle building)

Greens (rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation)

Apples (rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation/increases metabolism)

Lean meats/fish (rich in amino acids, protein source, muscle building)

Peanut Butter Is a Superfood

Verywell Peanut butter just so happens to be the number one sports nutrition superfood. It contains healthy fat, is nutrient-dense, and is known to provide long-lasting energy for optimal athletic performance.

Peanut butter contains quality nutrients and supplies lasting energy at 90 calories per 2 tablespoon serving. It also contains 7 grams of protein per ounce compared to other nuts that contain only  4 grams of protein. Adequate protein intake is essential for muscle growth.

Diet-as-important-as-fitness- vmax-peanut-butter

Eat Superfoods Daily

Eating a wide variety of superfoods daily will satisfy nutrient requirements for optimal body functioning.

Start with the following top superfoods for improved Diet and fitness:

Oats (high in fiber, improved digestion, heart health)

Blueberries (rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, cancer-fighting)

Apples (rich in antioxidants, reduces inflammation, weight loss)

Green tea ( rich in antioxidants, increases metabolism, aids weight loss)

Eating the Right Foods for Exercise

When it comes to eating foods to fuel your exercise performance, it’s not as simple as choosing vegetables over doughnuts. You need to eat the right types of food at the right times of the day.

Your first meal of the day is an important one.

According to an article published in Harvard Health Letter, eating breakfast regularly has been linked to a lower risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease. Starting your day with a healthy meal can help replenish your blood sugar, which your body needs to power your muscles and brain.


Diet-as-important-as-fitness-vmax- Banana

Bananas are full of potassium and magnesium, which are important nutrients to get on a daily basis. Eating a banana can help replenish these minerals while providing natural sugars to fuel your workout. For added protein, enjoy your banana with a serving of peanut butter.

Berries, grapes, and oranges

These fruits are all full of vitamins, minerals, and water. They’re easy on your intestines, give you a quick boost of energy, and help you stay hydrated. Consider pairing them with a serving of yogurt for protein.


Nuts are a great source of heart-healthy fats and also provide protein and essential nutrients. They can give you a source of sustained energy for your workout.

Diet-as-important-as-fitness- vmax- nuts

Exercise alone cannot drive significant weight loss

Studies have proven that exercise alone cannot drive significant weight loss, primarily because the majority of us unknowingly compensate for the calories that we burn by being more physically active. Whether this is in the form of excess snacking or grab-and-go food choices, our subconscious eating habits can easily counteract the benefits of even the most strenuous daily exercise regime.

The final word

Exercise and diet are both important for long-term weight loss and your overall health. Find ways to include daily activity and healthier food choices in your life. For the best success, start slow and increase gradually; squeeze in a 10-minute walk and have an apple with your lunch.

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